Sunday, May 20, 2012

Earthonites First Single: Jealousy

Jealousy - Jail-woe-see
Jealousy contains all the components of self-sabotage: comparison, self judgment, desire, regret, envy, backchat - resulting in wasted time and wasted breath that could be spent living.

Participating in jealousy is a form of absolute self-sabotage, because instead of doing what it takes to become that which you see in another that you want for yourself, you are spending your time in your mind in thoughts of spitefulness and jealousy toward the one who has taken the time to do the actual actions required to get to 'where they are' in their ability/in their life. 

Within jealousy, we'll sabotage others to keep them down, and thus we hold the world down, the world which we have to live and function in, so literally making the world less and less within supporting self-diminishment of others, and at the same time accepting ourself as diminished, rather than supporting ourself to expand ourself and live to our utmost potential, and supporting all others as ourself to do the same, which would manifest a world in which life as a whole and on the individual level is geared toward expanding in every way possible.

Our current economic system supports jealousy, by not giving equal support to all individuals, so that some receive more support to expand themselves in this world, while others are disregarded, and not given the same opportunity. All should have the most effective support possible, so that this world will be a place where all individuals are supported to be self-directive, self-responsible human beings that care for and respect ourselves, each other, and this world, which we're each one a part of. Support the Equal Money System - the new economic system that will support life and support the individual to free oneself from behaviors of self-limitation, so that one can no longer be trapped within patterns of self-sabotage, and can grow and expand oneself in one's world. 

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